Our Mission

The Shayla Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to serving infants and children who have been neglected or received inadequate medical attention and social support.  The Shayla Foundation’s mission is based on the idea that no infant or child should go without the health care resources and social support needed for healthy development.  The Shayla Foundation seeks to serve all loving families and children who remain under-served and neglected, irrespective of ethnicity or religious background.About_tree_shayla

The Shayla Foundation’s mission places special emphasis on focusing support, increasing awareness, and raising funds for research and medical care for those diseases that receive less attention amongst health care professionals and the wider public.

It is our firm belief that because the illnesses children face are not conditioned by choice, we have no choice but to insure they receive proper care and support.  By this belief we are compelled to lift their burdens and provide quality health care and support.  We strive to focus our guidance and support to the families of infants and children that remain unseen and under-served.  We want to acknowledge their struggles and raise funds to better research and expand medical care.  Ultimately, when we accumulate sufficient funding we will provide a free health care clinic for children located in the South Bay, California area in an effort alleviate their struggles.

The Shayla Foundation will pursue the following programs in service of its mission:

  1. Organizing activities to nurture children’s intellectual, developmental, and physical growth
  2. Building a safe environment for children and families in order to offer guidance in overcoming the many adversities that accompany health-related problems, in addition to providing physical, emotional, and health care support
  3. We plan to grow the foundation over time to broaden its scope and impact. Eventually expanding our mission to include more ambitious goals such as providing safe and affordable housing for families who are victims of domestic violence.
  4. We plan to dedicate money raised from fundraising events to research and social services to support these families.
  5. We plan to focus special attention on raising awareness for those diseases that receive less attention amongst health care professionals and the general public in the hopes that such awareness will lead to greater funding for research and medical care in treating these marginalized diseases.
  6. We plan to establish a free health care clinic held monthly in the South Bay, California area after a location has been secured and appropriate funding has been raised.